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Earthfeather is an artist, whose uniquely earthy voice combines soulful grit with dirty electric guitars to produce a raw and rough edged beauty. An exciting new voice to have emerged from the Waikato scene, Earthfeather has roots in the Far North and the East Coast of Aotearoa (NZ) and pieces together her experience as a young urban Māori to create a signature sound. Global themes of youth advocacy, indigenous sovereignty and environmental awareness meet with reggae, funk, acoustic and alternative rock Influenced instrumentals to deliver her unapologetic and assured viewpoint. Voicing truth with passion, her music breaks rules and barriers with liberal self-determination. Hands to the land, Earthfeather’s messages come from an authentic and lived experience having trained and worked as a Māori Landscape Architect. Earthfeather was accepted to attend the Pao Pao Pao musicianship programme in 2014, which is the vision of the late Dr Hirini Melbourne. Alongside 11 other emerging Māori youth artists, she worked closely with established artists such as Maisey Rika, Warren Maxwell, Troy Kingi, Horomona Horo, Tama Waipara, Rob Ruha, Laughton Kora and Tiki Taane, utilizing the tuakana-teina support structure.


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